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We’ve got it sorted!

At TBS, our lean approach to manufacturing doesn’t stop at our production plant, it is also applied to the onsite organisation of components required for assembly, ensuring faster, leaner construction.

Through our grounding in automotive methodologies, we adopt the ‘5S’ principals of Lean manufacturing to the organisation of our components for onsite assembly.

All assembly components are Sorted into labelled crates and Set in Order of relevant levels. When delivered to site, each crate is placed in a centralised location on their relevant level, providing easy access and a simplified process for tasks which are performed on a regular basis. This increases productivity and reduces the amount of on-site mess and clutter, creating a workplace that Shines.  Moving forward, TBS will Standardise this system for all future projects.  This will be Sustained through the ongoing commitment of our production team, in partnership with on-site construction workers.

The implementation of the 5S Principals throughout our DfMA processes promotes organisation, which in turn helps to reduce time, cost, and waste of motion on site. In doing this we create a higher quality, safer work environment with increased productivity.  And with 80% of our packaging being returned for reuse, we are also contributing to a more sustainable outcome for our environment.

Last week our new 20 foot TBS container packed with assembly components made its maiden voyage to Auckland, New Zealand, for the construction of our upcoming five storey timber framed building.  Over the next three months, 500+ prefabricated wall and floor panels for this 29 apartment building complex will be transported to Auckland by cargo ship and assembled onsite.


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