Choosing TBS brings many benefits to a building project that traditional construction methods don’t offer.

Beyond the obvious cost and time savings benefits, TBS also reduces safety risks and the carbon footprint of a building project. Our quality control system eliminates the need for expensive onsite rework, while our optimised logistics plans make delivery and traffic management that much easier.

TBS Quality

Quality is the backbone of TBS. We have created a manufacturing process of the highest quality with factory precision that virtually eliminates defects.

TBS understand the importance of quality to our company and our clients. This is demonstrated through a successfully implemented and certified Quality Management System — ISO9001:2015. We also have quality standards in place for acoustics and fire ratings.

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Save costs

At TBS, we offer a competitive overall project pricing model. Our timber panels are manufactured within a controlled environment, providing improved cost control and predictability.

Our reduced construction schedule means your financial holding costs and site overheads are significantly lower when compared to traditional construction costs. Using timber materials rather than concrete and steel reduces the overall building mass by at least 50%, which decreases substructure construction costs.

Substructure and
foundation cost

Savings due to the use of lighter weight timber construction

Preliminary cost
Savings due to quicker build schedules and reduced on-site construction works

Financial holding cost
Savings in financial holding cost due to a quicker construction schedule

Savings due to efficient factory construction methods and an integrated façade system

Building schedule
30% quicker build schedule

Waste and recyclability
80% reduction in on-site waste and more than 90% recycling of building waste within our factory


  • Save time
    Because our panelised systems are completed in our factory and delivered to site, this dramatically reduces construction time, delivering your project up to 30% faster.
  • Quality control
    All aspects of our business, from our systems and processes to manufacturing and training, undergo a rigorous quality control program. Our objective is to deliver 100% complete quality products to our customers, eliminating the need for costly on-site reworks.
  • Sustainable footprint
    We proudly source our materials from accredited and sustainable local and international suppliers. Our stringent manufacturing process reduces overall waste to landfill sites by more than 80% compared to traditional construction methods. Timber is a renewable resource requiring 70-90% less energy to convert compared to steel, and 94% less than aluminum. It is a carbon-positive material that contributes to the long-term reduction of carbon emissions in our environment, and is retained throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Accredited
    Our commitment to our clients, our employees and our environment is cemented by an internationally accredited Integrated Management System (IMS) portfolio, which includes:
    • ISO9001: 2015 | Quality Management System
    • ISO14001:2015 | Environmental Management System
    • ISO 45001:2018 | OH&S Management System
  • Architectural flexibility
    We offer almost complete architectural and spatial layout freedom, which allows us to manufacture your custom design.
  • Improved safety
    The majority of our manufacturing process takes place within the safety of our controlled factory environment. As a result, exposure to high risk site conditions is reduced by eliminating the need for scaffolding and minimising the need for elevated work.
  • Optimised site logistics
    We have optimised our pre-assembled panel configuration units for delivery, reducing the number of loads to your site. This means lower transportation costs and easier on-site traffic logistics. Our sequenced delivery schedule means no large laydown areas are needed. Reduced on-site man hours also minimises conflict between trades on projects where space is limited, improving overall productivity.

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