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Reaping the benefits of transferable skills

The decline of the Automotive Manufacturing Industry in Australia resulted in the need for workers to seek employment in new industries.

After 20 years of employment with Toyota, Michael joined a growing TBS in 2018, bringing with him a wealth of skills and knowledge which has no doubt benefited the company as it established itself in the pre-fabrication construction industry.

Having never worked with timber before, Michael was able to implement his skills and knowledge to adapt to his new role, and further contribute to the growth and development of the company by applying the practises and processes he performed at Toyota.

To say quality was at the forefront at Toyota is an understatement, and the case is no different at TBS, where he continues to practise stringent Quality Standards, with strong attention to detail. He believes that, “Continuous improvement is always there, it never ends.”

The organisational skills that he acquired contributes to his ability to perform his tasks effectively and efficiently, resulting in a high level of productivity and performance.

The strict OH&S regulations that were implemented by Toyota provided him the safety skills required to perform his role, and gave him the knowledge to apply safety methods, techniques, processes and practices and the ability to identify risks.

And most importantly, he instils a great Teamwork culture to TBS, making sure everyone works together, and succeeds together.

Michael is only one of many TBS employees that have transferred their skills from the Automotive Industry. TBS boasts a strong presence of automotive engineers and production staff which has given us a solid foundation to produce and deliver high end quality buildings to site.

If you are looking for a quality building partner for your next project, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss your requirements.