Meyer Timber Office | Penrith

Meyer Timber NSW Office

Penrith, New South Wales

TBS installed this 1,000 m2 corporate office in Penrith in 3.5 days. The office is fully integrated into the pre-cast face of a 20,000 m2 warehouse. The TBS system has the flexibility to allow us to marry structures easily into existing structures. This also means a beautiful, liveable timber building can now be used in applications typically reserved for concrete.

We were also able to offer a clear speed advantage over traditional methods. TBS strive to offer a high level of architectural freedom. This building required a clear span of 9.0m to allow the architects to optimise the office geometries.

The TBS system clearly offers a new, fast, alternative building solution for the commercial office market.

Area: 1000 m2
Type: Commercial
Install date: August 2017
Installation time: 3.5 days
Client: Meyer Timber
Architect: PNA Architects
Builder: CIP