Oran Park Public School | NSW

Oran Park Public School

Oran Park, NSW

In partnership with the NSW Government and construction industry leaders, Lipman, TBS recently manufactured and installed two brand new school building facilities at Oran Park Public School in NSW.

By implementing the core strategies of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), TBS were able to deliver and install this high-quality project within just 8 weeks, providing students with world class working spaces in a much faster turnaround time than conventional building.

Manufactured at our Dandenong South plant in Victoria, we streamlined a highly efficient and well co-ordinated plan to transport 44 trucks and 320 modular panels to Oran Park, NSW over 3 weeks.

The installation of both buildings O and P was completed in 7 weeks.

Throughout the entire process, effective communication and coordination among all stakeholders were crucial to minimizing delays and ensuring a successful outcome.