Kalkallo | Victoria

Henley Townhomes

Kalkallo, Victoria

The first project of its kind in their 30 year history, Henley Homes have transitioned from traditional building methods and partnered with TBS to deliver quality ‘prefabricated’ residential homes.

Adopting the ‘kit of parts’ approach to modular construction will enable Henley to deliver a much faster and more cost effective end product in the future.

The prefabricated wall, floor and roof panels were transported to site in Kalkallo by 30 well orchestrated trucks, and installed to lock up stage in just 10 days.

The development consists of 10 two-story townhomes with separate garage.

  • 2 four-bedroom townhomes at 93.1 sqm2 each
  • 8 three-bedroom townhomes at 74.4sqm2 each

Stay tuned for details on our next Henley Townhomes project, due for completion in April, 2022.

Area: 1556m2
Type: Residential Townhomes
Install date: November, 2021
Installation time: 2 weeks
Client: Henley Arch
Architect: Henley Arch