Multi-storey Developments

TBS is perfectly positioned to design, engineer, manufacture and construct your next multi-storey residential or commercial project.

Our patented post-tensioning connection system integrates into engineered timber wall panels, creating a cost effective prefabricated timber building system that’s fast to assemble.

Because we use timber materials rather than concrete and steel, this results in a reduction of overall building mass by at least 50%. Your substructure construction costs will decrease, which is an important factor in multi-level construction.

The anchoring system we use is able to resist lateral loads caused by wind and earthquake activity. Our fire ratings meet Australian Standards, and include a pre-finished cladding option with a 90/90/90 FRL. Our system gives you peace of mind that your building is safe, strong and secure.

Together with our in-house design team and structural engineers, TBS will partner with you to meet the requirements of your next multi-storey commercial project.

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