Pre-fabricated Flooring Cassettes

Factory manufactured, pre-fabricated timber cassette flooring system.

Flooring cassette systems are an innovative solution for quick and simple onsite assembly.  The prefabricated cassettes can be applied in the construction of residential, commercial and multi-storey buildings, and really excels on sites with problem soils or difficult terrain.

The cassettes can be tailored to your specific engineering requirements, offering LVL, I-joist or qikfit, with OSB sheeting, and the option of adding acoustics, insulation, and set down for shower recess.

Floor cassette systems are also beneficial for sub-floors, as a replacement for concrete slabs. A subfloor cassette system can be installed in less than a day on standard footings over the top of standard bearers.  There is zero waste on-site (floor sheets and timber offcuts) and the safety aspect becomes more significant as the slope of the site increases.



Installation speed. Typical residential floors can be installed in under an hour. Installation of cassettes on upper levels allows construction to progresses at a much faster pace than would be achieved when using traditional building methods. The limiting factor is generally how fast the crane can drop them in!

No waste. No more joist and flooring offcuts, resulting in a cleaner, safer work environment.

Quality. Manufacture in the controlled factory environment allows for high levels of precision and quality.

Structural benefits. Cassette floors are up to 40% stiffer than conventional floors. Pre-cut service holes
preserve the integrity of the joists.

Easier service coordination. Optional holes for AC and/or plumbing make life easier for the trades.

Cost savings. Reduced site costs and overheads. Construction speed means builders get paid earlier.


Prefabricated Flooring Projects